Making The Most Of Your Membership

The quality of your time at PES Open Source is a direct function of your level of engagement and participation in our community.

Our activities rely on our thriving student network of which you will be a part of. Now that we have told you what to expect from our community, here are a few things the community expects from you:


All our members are expected to strongly adhere to our Code of Conduct. We take code of conduct violations very seriously and will not tolerate any behaviour that threatens the well-being of any member of our community.


We want all our members to freely participate in our activities and engage with our community.

All our members at a minimum are expected to engage in the following ways:

  • Regularly attending our meet-ups, and participating in our discussions and activities there.
  • Being active and responsive on our communication channels.
  • Voting in our yearly elections.
  • Attending our workshops and talks.

If a member is unable to do the above consistently, their membership will be reconsidered.

If you have a genuine reason to not be able to participate in the above ways, please do tell us why in advance.

Other ways we want you to participate:

  • Give us ideas and suggestions about how we govern PES Open Source.
  • Contributing to our Community Blog.
  • Contributing to Open Source in general.
  • Asking and responding to any technical question.