Build Amazing Things With Us!

We at PES Open Source are building an inclusive community of hackers that make awesome projects together.

Use our community as a stepping stone to get into the larger world of Open Source!

We run our projects just like any well organized project that you would encounter in the real world. Our community will help you make contributions to projects in a fearless way and help you discover how much fun this process actually is.

We look forward to learning and working with you!

So, how do I get started?

  • Add your name to our members list repository and join the PES Open Source Slack workspace
  • Find a project you would like to contribute to in the sidebar
  • Read the documentation and contributing guide for the project
    • Each project has its own associated #project-help channel in our Slack. The maintainers and contributors hang out there. If you are facing any difficulty or need help in understanding the project, we will respond to your query.
  • Use the #general channel to ask any questions related to the whole projects initiative or anything PES Open Source!
  • Do attend our meetups, when we conduct one (or make one happen yourself!). We are happy to take up your questions there.

Lastly, and most importantly, within PES Open Source, there is no such thing as a “stupid question”, we call those opportunities to learn :)

Nothing in Open Source is obvious initially and asking questions is legitimately the best way to actually learn to make contributions.

Want to start your own project?

We would love to have more projects under us! You get to be the maintainer of your very own project under PES Open Source and leverage our community to get contributions as well.

Our considerations when accepting a new project under PES Open Source:

  • It can be written in any language, framework or technology, as long as it has an Open Source license
  • It needs to be sufficiently accessible to new contributors. For example, if you write your project in an extremely obscure language, we are less likely to accept it
    • Unless, of course, you can convince us that your project will generate sufficient interest from at least a few contributors in the long run
  • The project has to be well documented at all times, and run like a well organized Open Source project. We will assist you in that if needed.
  • You as the project creator, are committed to maintaining your project for the long term. We do not expect you to work a lot given that there will always be other commitments, but we need you to at least contribute to the project on a regular basis, and be responsive to questions.

Contact @vuhh or any of our core team members on Slack if you have a cool project idea!